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dev polytheism cover

Hot on the heels of “Honoring the Ancestors: A Basic Guide,” which was released in early September, Sanngetall Press will soon be releasing “Devotional Polytheism: An Introduction.” This work explores the ins and outs of polytheistic devotion and provides a step by step guide to help the reader develop and nourish an ongoing practice.

Here is the description from the back cover:

“Devotion is the heart of polytheism. It makes our traditions live and grow, infuses them with joy, and opens doors for our Gods to come through. Devotional practice is the most important work any of us will ever do. In this book, priest and spiritworker Galina Krasskova guides the reader through the beginning steps – from the most basic spiritual exercises, to engaging with deities and ancestors through prayer and offerings, to ensuring receptivity in body, mind and spirit. She warns of the challenges on the path and gives advice on how to surmount them. She presents ritual ideas for daily use as well as throughout the year, using her own tradition of Heathenry as an example. She follows the thread of devotional practice from the shrine to the world at large, examining how to carry a love for the Gods into one’s everyday life. And most importantly, she speaks passionately of the necessity for devotion in cultivating a meaningful and reciprocal relationship with the holy powers. ”

This book is expected to be released in mid-October.

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